Our Vision

We aim to be a provider of relevant media resources in every language across the region.


Our Mission

As a media department of the Asia-Pacific Region of the Church of the Nazarene, WM Communications Asia-Pacific exists to provide effective media services through production, training, and strategic consultation in accomplishing the mission of the Church.


Strategic Objectives

To produce various media resources for evangelism, discipleship, church planting and leadership development.

To constantly find innovative ways to utilize the changing media environment.

To produce contextually-appropriate media contents to the people on the Region.

To provide quality media training programs for media-minded communication leaders, pastors, and media professionals
according to the needs of the Field.

To develop new methods of training in every language across the region.

To provide media consultations for the mission of the Church in Asia – Pacific (resource development, market research,
and audience studies).

100% self-supporting organization.


Goals and Implementations (2011-2014)

Reshape mission, vision, and objectives

Develop work professionalism in the organization

Refine job description of each staff

Project management system

Human Resource management

Asset management

Understand fast-changing media ministry and markets

Identify clients and ministry partners

Continue to provide skill development for the staff

Develop communication channels with various clients

Develop efficient house and project management