Hope for the Unreached People


WM Communications Asia-Pacific has a heart for reaching the unreached people in our world through various forms of media. That is why it is a great privilege for us that Global-Adopt-A-People Campaign partnered with us to produce two videos which will be included in the Jordanian and Egyptian Arab Adoption Kits. These kits will be distributed to six thousand Brazilian Assemblies of God churches who have committed to pray for the millions of Jordanian and Egyptian Arabs who do not believed in Jesus Christ.

Aside from the 20-minute video, the kit will also include a regular prayer guide, weekly prayer guide and information about these people groups. Each member of the Assemblies of God churches will commit to pray for at least one minute a day for the salvation of these people and for the protection of the missionaries working among them.

These is our second partnership with Global-Adopt-A-People Campaign.  It was a great accomplishment for our team to serve and partner with organizations like them who love and is passionate in reaching the unreached peoples.

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