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The passion of BoardServe.org is to develop, encourage and nurture emerging Christian leaders of transformed and transformative governing boards of Christian organizations. More specifically, we provide a consulting and coaching resource to board chairs, school and organization leaders, and to governing board members who desire to function in their board… Read More

Harris Memorial College

In 1922, Harris pioneered in early childhood education by being the first school in the country to set up a kindergarten school. In 1968, it gained the distinction of being the first school to offer a course in Kindergarten leading to a government-recognized degree. In the following year, the curriculum… Read More


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Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College

The purpose of SEANBC shall be primarily to serve Southeast Asia by providing quality transformational education with a focus on lay and ministerial education and to foster, promote, and maintain this education in harmony with the current Manual of the Church of the Nazarene. Mission: Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College… Read More

702 DZAS

On June 4, 1948, the lyrics of the hymn “All Hail the Pow’r of Jesus’ Name” wafted in the air, signaling the beginning of Gospel broadcasts in the country. Then called KZAS, the first station of FEBC Philippines aired evangelistic as well as public service programs that met the needs… Read More