The story of Simon Matters is the third of the Australian series of a Changed Life video.  It talks about brokenness and healing. Healing thru Jesus Christ alone. It is a story of hope for a person who didn’t know that there’s life aside from a broken one.  And that thru brokenness is able to boast about it in a way that is helping others in their broken state.

Simon came from a broken family. At an early age, he was exposed to vices: booze, drugs, small crimes and firearms. While he was still at that stage, he met somebody who saw some good in him. And after a year of knowing each other, they decided to get married. But he was then sent to prison. After prison, he studied and become a lawyer, but still continued with his heavy drinking. One night, he and his wife were watching a movie with a redemptive story. They then realized that they needed to give themselves to Christ. From then on, they are doing their best to live life with Him.