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Crazy Month

It has been a crazy month for us preparing materials for the General Assembly 2013. Power Point presentations, website, design projects, print and videos – all on our plate, all with the same deadline.  It was hectic, but it was fun! We’re not complaining, as we call these deadlines a “good problem”.


AP-Region in 4:30 minutes

First off, we were asked to produce a 4:30min video piece about the Asia-Pacific Region.  Featuring the flavor, sights and sound of the Region, what God is doing in this part of the world and how can people help and pray for the ongoing and aspired vision of the church. And so we showed the beautiful places in Asia-Pacific, the people and diversity. But amidst the beauty are conflicts: poverty, human trafficking, political oppression, AIDS, materialism, war, hunger, and religious conflict.  Behind these challenges are opportunities for our church to reach out to the lost and hurting. God is moving thru the church enabling workers and lay people to join ministries, which cater to these problems. The video showed the ongoing ministries around the region. And finally, the prayer items of the Region were featured. The video hopes to encourage people to support these items thru prayer, volunteerism and financial support.  We also hope that the video was effective in conveying that message to the thousands of participants in the General Assembly.


Video in a Powerpoint format

Next video project we had was for the SDMI Plenary Session.  Now, this was a tricky one.  The nature of the project was to produce a visual aid for a report. A powerpoint presentation to be exact.  But our team, inspired by the story, decided to include video to the presentation to give justice to the story.  With the help of the pastor included in the story, we were able to gain video footages needed for the report. We gave them the script and the shots we need, and they shot some of them in the actual places where the story happened.
The report was about a pastor who got a call in the middle of the night, from a guy who wants to have his business be prayed for. That wasn’t anything out of the ordinary right? So the pastor went to the address of the business, only to find out that the business the guy owned was a bar! The pastor didn’t know how to proceed or what to pray for. But God challenged him thru the question: “Is there any place too dark that you would not go for me and with me?” So, the pastor went and prayed for the business owner, his family and for the Spirit himself to flood the place and the lives of those people inside it.  Two weeks passed and lo and behold! The guy who owns the bar closed his business and called the pastor asking where their church is! Since then, the guy and his family rarely miss going to the church to worship God.  This was one of those projects where you’d just feel that we really have to tell this story! And it overwhelmed us that we were being used, as a team, to be an instrument in sharing God’s story in this part of the world.


Africa – the second largest continent

And lastly, a video project from Africa with the running time of one-minute only. This video would also be used in the SDMI Plenary Session. It consisted of images that showcased the beauty and diversity of Africa.  There were a few challenges in producing this because one, our client is in Africa. Collaboration was not that easy. With this, we decided to use email and dropbox as medium to send the video and getting back feedback. Second, because there were no resources provided, we needed to find free and common pictures to represent the message of the video well.  The feedback system with the client, on the other hand, was perfect. Our client used pdf to comment on specific frames on the video, which really made revisions easily. Producing this video in it’s nature was not the first for us, but it sure was a fulfilling one!

Kingdom Focus
Again, being of service in the advancement of the Kingdom gives us a natural high, knowing that we are working for the boss of all bosses.

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